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Consilia - Professional software development on key
Professional software development on key

Embedded Linux Development

We can develop your custom embedded Linux product
  • specifically tailored to your specifications. We will adapt the Linux kernel, drivers, user-space libraries and utilities to particular embedded environments, such as those in use in medical, industrial, consumer electronics, military and automotive industries.

Code Analysis

Flawlessly running code
  • is top priority for successful project. We have large experience of analyzing code for possible bottlenecks, performance issues, memory leaks, race conditions and bad coding practices overall.

Continuous Integration

Well managed automated continuous integration
  • can streamline the workflow immensely. We can either help you adapt your own CI process, or start a new one for you from ground up.

Bare Metal

Don't have an operating system in your project?
  • Its no problem for us as we are equally proficient with or without it. If your project has time-critical latency requirements bare metal solution might be your only reliable choice.

Multi Platform Application Development

Sometimes you need to appease the whole crowd.
  • Multi platform applications are great that no matter what you customer decides to use, you can always reliably deliver your product to them. And it does not matter whether you need UI for it or not.

Long Term Project Support

The best project are those that live long.
  • But even those need update every now and then. We can guarantee to provide support for your project long after the official development has ended. Be it a newfound critical issue or that new feature you always wanted but never decided to implement.


Rohde & Schwarz
Measurement Devices, Air Traffic Control
TETRA Network Base-Stations
Mobile Network Solutions
IoT, Safety Products, Aerospace


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